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 Adaptive Fitness

Athlete with Amputated Leg
Child in Air Yoga

 Everyone should have the opportunity to reach their fitness dreams. Our Adapted Classes are designed specifically for individuals with special needs. 

Adapted Fitness  

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are created in a comfortable and supported environments. Programing can be progressed or regressed based on the individual needs of the student. 

Adaptive Fitness Events

We offer field trips visits for students looking to spectate in a fitness events or sports related activities. 

Adapted Group Fitness

  Class size is limited to small group of students. Our classes are designed to follow a consistent format that becomes familiar over time. Classes are fun with positive reinforcement!

Adaptive Sports Conditioning 

We help athletics prepare for sports related events. Preparing them for a walk/run event, obstacle event, triathlon , bodybuilding competition, etc.

Learning something new can be challenging, but also rewarding. Shalom has shown me the benefits of fitness in my everyday life and now I don't need help with everyday activities. 


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