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Let the Journey Begin!

Fitness is more than work outs and trainings. It truly is the core of your mental wellbeing. If you feel amazing life becomes amazing. So, join me on my 25-week journey in every area of my life to the WNBF Worlds Championship in Boston. I have 2 show that will qualify me to compete. Also, many other fitness and life adventure as you all well know! I have a phenomenal team, Jesus got the wheel!! my training partner Rod, will sadly have to be virtual check ins, my dietitian Paul Iatomasi that I have been with since I've turned Pro in 2012!!!!! I have won my titles thank to Paul. My team at Pearls Physique ,Instructors and encouraging amazing clients. My family, biggest fan my sister and parents and of course Naysah!!! I defiantly couldn't keep going without my friends and your listening ear with encouraging words. I'm excited to be in such a positive blessed place both physically and mentally. I'm ready let's do this. #TheToalPackage

Lamboginny God Is Not Done Audio

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