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Dynamic Assisted Stretching

 Dynamic Assisted Stretching, is stretching with the assistance of another person. The stretch is performed by moving through a challenging but comfortable range of motion. My Dynamic  Assisted Stretching allows your body to move in ways that it is not able to when stretching alone. Top benefits include reduce stress, increase flexibility and range of motion and decrease pain and stiffness with regular visits. 

Mon/Wed/Fri      3pm-6pm

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Benefits of  Dynamic Assisted Stretching

 Dynamic Assisted Stretching has many key benefits that differ from unassisted stretching. Assisted stretching with the help of a skilled professional allows you to address targeted areas and ensures you are getting the proper range of motion that your body needs. This is a wonderful way to improve joint health and flexibility. Scheduling an dynamic assisted stretch session with a trained professional allows you the opportunity to get a routine targeted to your own unique needs. A stretch professional will be able to assess your range of motion and then create a plan to help improve your overall well-being. 

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