“Shalom Pearl Singer is no stranger to overcoming adversity.”

  As a Professional Natural Figure/Bodybuilder, Certified Master Personal Trainer, Certified Specialist, Certified Zumba Instructor, Personal Trainer Instructor and Fitness Model, Shalom, is used to pushing her body to even greater physical standards.  She can go through challenges with joy, knowing that her mind, body, and soul continue to keep her strong and healthy.


  As a Competition Coach, she has turned Bikini into Figure Champions, moved Amateur up in Class, and Novice into Pro’s.  As an experienced judge, she is familiar with all the little details that may cause a win or loose in a competition.  All the while remembering to have fun and embrace every moment in the journey.




  • Certified Master Personal Trainer 

  • Certified Resistance Specialist 

  • Certified Endurance Specialist 

  • Certified Nutrition Specialist 

  • NFPT

  • Certified Personal Trainer 

  • Instructor - WITS

  • Certified Thai-Boxing Instructor

  • Thai-Cru

  • Certified Zumba

  • Certified Aqua Zumba 

  • Certified Zumba in the Circuit 

  • WNBF Ms. Universe Pro Figure 2012 & 2013