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SHALOM my friends

As a professional trainer, my passion is to guide the world towards a healthier lifestyle. Everybody is unique, with their own strengths and limitations. My method is to build a custom plan based on your health, schedule and more importantly, fitness goals. I aim to transform your body and influence you to make more mindful decisions when it comes to your health.

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My Story

 Fitness has always been apart of my life in one shape or form. Growing up at the YMCA and playing sports I knew fitness would always have a place in my life and my future career. Exploring sports in P.E. I knew where college was taking me. I went on to college to become a P.E. teacher while lifeguarding since I was 16. As a P.E. teacher I wanted more so I went back to my roots, WATER and became the Aquatic Director of a YMCA. With all the management responsibilities  and trainings I missed the interaction with people and helping them reach personal goals. I did some career searching and my father encouraged me to purse what I loved. I love helping other reach their full protentional in the fitness and wellness industry. The ability to help someone become a better, heathier more stable person, is phenomenal to be apart of such a transformation. 

My self journey in fitness started as a lifeguard and in the same facility I was approached by the kickboxing instructor to join his program. My he RIP Sam Mauatore, I fell in love with Thai-Cru kickboxing and we began to add strength training to increase my strength and muscle. I then competed in the Rochester Beaty pageant and got last place. The judges said it was because my legs were to muscular! So I moved on to bodybuilding and became 2x champion in the WNBF Pro Figure Ms. Universe, and 5th at Worlds and many more. Love what you are and embrace the Favor the Lord has put on your life. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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