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At Pearls Physique, you can depend on individual attention and most importantly obtain the results you are working hard to achieve.  As a Certified Master Personal Trainer, Shalom is equipped with the experience and knowledge to provide you with the attention your body and mind deserve.


As a Professional Natural Figure/Bodybuilder, Certified Master Personal Trainer, Certified Specialist, Certified Zumba Instructor, Personal Trainer Instructor and Fitness Model, Shalom, is used to pushing her body to even greater physical standards.  



In the life of BodyBuilding, Figure, Fitness, Physique, Ms. Fit, Bikini, Shalom is here to help. Whether it is your first competition or you are a professional competitor, getting some guidance or a second look goes a long way in this sport. Getting ready for a competition can be stressful. Shalom will prepare you for all that the gym does not tell you.

  • Posing 

  • Stage Presentation

  • Model Walk / T-Walk

  • Beauty, Hair, Make-Up, Color

  • Confidence

  • Knowledge of Sport

  • Having a Good Time on Stage! 


Having some guidance along the way can make competing a more memorable experience.



Pearls Physique 

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